When designing a guest bedroom, it is important not to neglect the overall look and theme of the space.  A guest bedroom should be simple yet elegant; a space that makes you smile when you go by knowing that it almost always looks perfect and inviting.

Recently, Flow Home Staging and Design owner Isabelle Guay spent an afternoon with her client searching for the perfect combination of fabrics.  They started with the biggest piece in the room, the headboard.  Choosing a patterned fabric with purple circles enclosed within a soft silver ring, the idea for the bed was born.  Deciding to stay neutral in the bedding, Isabelle chose a beautiful neutral silver tone to pull the lighter colours out of the headboard followed by purple toss cushions to add that touch of drama.  To finish off the look, they chose an ivory sheet set to brighten the look while still keeping it neutral!

As described by Isabelle, the final look will be “elegant with a touch of playfulness;” a guest bedroom that feels more like a luxury hotel suite!