Several psychological studies have been done that link a tidy, clean living space to positive mental health. Decluttering and tidying experts will agree that reducing clutter increases our energy levels and encourages us to take better care of ourselves. Flow’s Decluttering Program, “Simpler Living”, aims to help you identify, sort and keep only the items you own that bring you joy. There’s no better time than now! Feeling more comfortable in your own home leads to a peaceful state of mind that will inevitably open up your life to new opportunities and a general sense of well-being.

So how does the process work?

• An initial phone assessment is conducted, to determine your needs and end goals, as well as to book an appointment;
• You will receive email handouts full of information and tips that will help you as you work towards letting go of your clutter;
• A Flow Team member will visit your home to do a walk-through, create a decluttering category list, and establish timelines for completion;
• A hands-on session will be booked to get started on the first three categories, prepare for upcoming categories and co-ordinate recycling or donation of unneeded items;
• The Flow Team will email or phone to check in on your progress and offer further support where needed;
• A follow-up appointment will be booked to review storage solutions, furniture placement and any other needs to be addressed in order to complete your decluttering journey!

Clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli. Clutter makes it more difficult to relax. Clutter inhibits creativity and productivity. Are you ready to declutter your home and begin experiencing the joy that comes from living with less? Take our quiz to find out!

Fill out our questionnaire by November 30th 2016 for a chance to win the Simpler Living service for free! Contest ends November 30th, prize valid as of January 1st 2017.

Do you often feel stressed out about how much “stuff” you own?
Do you find yourself moving piles of “stuff” from room to room, rather than actually putting anything away?
Do you wear less than 50% of the clothes or shoes currently in your closet?
Have you ever found something in your home that you don’t remember buying?
Do you find that your drawers, cupboards and shelves are constantly overflowing?
Do you feel like your home is crowded, no matter how much you work on tidying up?
Do the things you own trigger strong emotions for you?
When people offer you things, do you have a hard time saying no?
Do you have a “junk drawer” or a “dumping room” in your home?
Have you ever wished for help in getting rid of things in your home?
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